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Location: 4106 E.14th Street, Des Moines, IA 50313, Exit 136 from I-35 & I-80

About Us


We offer a premier quality service to our customers with our exierience and knowledge. We have been selling cars for over 30 years and H&H trailers for over 20 years. We have been an H&H Dealer since the beginning of H&H. We were a dealer for the old company and then when it was purchsed by the new owners of H&H we were on board with them. We have stayed with H&H through the years because we believe in the fine qualitiy that H&H puts out and our trailers are made right here in Iowa! We are a family business with Jim & Linda and our son-in-law Tom who joined our team over 3 years ago and is quite knowledgeable on our trailers.

Jim & Linda


Our Cargo Trailers are known for their unmatched strength and seamless look, our enclosed trailers deliver confience, performance, and a smooth journey from start to finish. They have fulll DOT-compliant lighting with fulll LED Slimline Tailights. Top grade lumber and interrior finishes are standard on any H&H trailer. ATP rock guard, Bullet Liner tongue and rear bulkhead with a undercoated body, help protect from road wear. Hand-built craftsmanship goes into every trailer frame. H&H Cargos have smooth, rivetless aluminum exterior walls for superior strength and a great looking trailer. Ask us about custom options.

H&H steel trailers lead the industry in quality and performance. Choose from utility, tiltbed, dump trailers with materials and features designed to go the distance! Ask us about custom options.

And oh, did I forget to mention, we stock much of the parts for our H&H Trailers, including tires & wheels!